Monday, March 1, 2010

Pork Ribeye Roast with Citrus sauce

This is a great thing in my house, well anytime I get to eat pork in my house its a treat as my wife isn't a fan of the cooked piggy! But this was even good by her pork hating standards, so I was happy with it!

This is a roasted pork ribeye roast with a rice pilaf and citrus sauce. The rice pilaf is easy enough, just make the rive like you normally would, just add in some small diced vegetables of your choice to make it a pilaf, in this instance I chose corn and sweet peas, which I thought would complement what I knew would be a sweet sauce. The Pork rib eye roast I simply applied liberally my chefs seasoning and then sprinkled with some pineapple juice and seared on all sides. I then placed in the oven on a roasting rack (THIS IS VITAL) at 275 degrees basting often. While pork is roasting I made the citrus sauce, in the pan that you sear the roast in, deglaze the pan with some chicken stock, lemon juice and a drop or two of lime juice and a drop or two of white wine. Let this mixture reduce for 5 or 6 min on med high heat and then add some apple juice, some pineapple juice, and some orange juice. Simmer slowly. Once this has been reduced by about 1/4 add about 2 tbsp brown sugar and (i know this will be hard to believe) 1/2 cup of sprite! This adds a sugary but bitter sweet that works very well with the pork. simmer about 10 more minutes while pork is cooking and then thicken with corn starch slurry until desired consistency is met. Remove pork from oven and let rest 10 minutes before attempting to slice. This gives the meat a chance to firm up, which makes it much more attractive when sliced! After you have plated the meal, right before you garnish with the sauce, slowly fold into the sauce some segmented orange slices. Garnish generously with the sauce making sure to leave a few pieces of orange segment as a garnish on top of the poek!

This can be a good recipe for someone who is new to pork to try! Now this particular piece of pork is great in a lot of ways. You can roast the whole thing or even slice it and serve like a beef ribeye steak! Grilled or pan fryed, its all delicious!

Until next time keep having fun with it, and make it your own!

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