Monday, January 11, 2010

Stuffed Chicken Breast w/White wine cream sauce and chicken jus

So here's the first recipe that Ive decided to post. This is MY recipe that I kinda just through together on night not to long ago for fun. This is a boneless skinless chicken breast stuffed with ham, provolone cheese and tomatoes seasoned with my own chefs seasoning made of, oh around 9 different seasonings then pan-seared and roasted with white rice and green beans. There are two different sauces on this dish, one of which is more or less a thickened chicken jus (which basically means just chicken drippings and broth) that I added roasted garlic and seasoned with salt and pepper. The second sauce is the sauce that has kind of became my signature sauce over the past year or so, a basic white wine cream sauce that has cream (obviously), the fond from the pan (which means the kind of burnt on stuff on the bottom of the pan that you seared it with) white wine, various seasonings, roasted garlic and broth. Now ill be honest here, on my recipes im not going to put exact measurements on this stuff because, well they're mine, and I want them to myself for now at least! HAHA! I know that one certain man who had this dish said that the sauce was "like food sex"...and thats a quote! SO there we go, theres the first one! Yay, all done with the hardest part, or maybe thats going to be finding people to read this to begin with....

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